Monday, October 24, 2011

Rock Star

In my teens and twenties, I had a fantasy about being a rock star. Hearing Pat Benatar singing "Heartbreaker" or "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," Ann Wilson with "Magic Man," or Joan Jett's "I Love Rock & Roll" all made me break out my air guitar and start rockin' on the imagined stage! A few months after my wedding, when I was almost 30, I remember hearing Dave Edmunds singing "I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll," and hoped that I would continue to be eager and enthusiastic about rocking out!

10 months into my marriage, I'm still rockin' ...
This is with my NC gal pals, beach weekend, summer 1990

In the 20 years that I've been living in California, I've met many different kinds  of "rock stars," from celebrity chefs and winemakers to famous technology innovators and world class athletes. I'm grateful that my definition of rock star has expanded, since I now recognize that my personal fantasy of being a rock star has just been realized. Who knew, when I said "I Do," that my chances for becoming a rock star were actually increasing instead of decreasing?

This past Friday, we delivered the bounty from our eighth harvest, the 2011 crop of syrah and grenache, to Robert Biale Vineyards. My sisters-in-law and I stationed ourselves on the winery crushpad, helping to sort the fruit as it traveled from the 1/2-ton bins to the crusher. Eponymous winery co-founder, Bob Biale, asked if John and I would come sign 4 cases of wine bottles for them.

We took pens filled with metallic silver ink, and signed each bottle with a flourish. There were two cases each of Biale's 2007 and 2008 vintages of Kiger Family Vineyard Syrah. The winery will sell these bottles to their enthusiastic customers who really enjoy making a more personal connection with... you guessed it... the rock-star winegrowers! They're talking about doing a special event in the Spring when the 2008 bottles are actually released for sale, and John and I would come to the winery and pour our wine and talk to "The Biale Beloved."

Who knew that I would ever really get my chance to be (or at least feel like!) a rock star?! I better start thinking about my costume now.... Hmmm, wellies or sequins?

John and I pouring "Kiger wine" at a Biale event in 2010

At the winery in 2010 with the barrels of not-yet-bottled Kiger 2008 Syrah


  1. Nice meeting you.... came over from the Rural Women Rock blog. I'm thinking I could do with some of that syrah! :)

  2. We did have a rockin good time, but you were on Ocean Isle not Topsail,
    Good picture, and the young woman in the red top Joy Britt Reavis is still
    Rockin for real. Playing with a band called Charity Case
    She recently released her second solo CD.
    If you ever get back to the Carolina coast maybe
    we'll put the band back together.

    Your old NC friend

    Marcus Thompson